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Canaries Class 15.7.21

What an incredible two days we have had! On Wednesday we had our school trip to Sandringham and on Thursday we had our class sports day. Please have a look at all the photos from these two great events below:

Here are some of our quotes from yesterday's trip to Sandringham:

Lillie-Mae: It was interesting finding out about how farmers use ferrets to get rabbits out of a hole and how they dispatch them. We learnt about different traps for rabbits, birds and squirrels.

Nikoleta: Yesterday was amazing because we learnt about how horses back in time used to pull logs and we had a go as well.

Riley-Mae: I thought it was really fun because we got to stroke dogs and learn about lambs. We touched and stroked them. I liked seeing the ferrets. They are used for chasing rabbits out of their holes to protect the crops.

Justas: I liked learning about the birds of prey. We learnt about what they eat, how they catch their food and which one is the fastest in the world.

Dylan W: I learnt that normal birds catch their prey using their beaks but birds of prey catch theirs using their claws.

In addition to these amazing experiences we also had the opportunity to sit on a huge tractor, learn how to tell the age of a tree and we made our own organic pots for planting beans in, which we were allowed to take home.

Sports day photos 15.7.21

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Canaries Class 13.7.21

The below pictures were taken during Monday's literacy lesson. The focus of the lesson was stage directions, which are a key feature of a play script. We learnt how to write them before choosing our own for a provided script. These pictures show some children from our class performing the play script with their chosen stage directions:

The next lesson in our literacy sequence was to study the characters and key events from chapter 25 of our class novel, 'The other side of truth by Beverley Naidoo'. These pictures show us highlighting direct speech, speech verbs, speech adverbs and the characters actions in preparation for writing our own play script.


Canaries Class 6.7.21

We have had an amazing start to the week and wanted to show you some pictures of what we have been learning.

The first three pictures are of sentences that we came up with for our new word of the week - manically. We learnt about its meaning, discussed its word class and also listed some synonyms to help extend our vocabulary before having the opportunity to compose our own sentences:

The next set of photos were taken during our lesson on play scripts. First we watched a video from a film studio before watching our class adults perform two plays. The first one didn't have any stage directions, so they performed it without any emotion or actions. The second one used stage directions and was far more entertaining! After that, we were split into groups of four. We chose our roles and then practised before performing in front of the class:



We finished discussing the different type of gears during our science lesson and watched a video about the gears involved with operating a furnace. To complete the lesson, we then had a go at making our own gears using cardboard, straws, pencils and masking tape. Have a look at the next two pictures to see us in action:

Canaries Class 2.7.21

Dear parents and carers,

We have had a very productive week in Canaries Class. Our week started with a series of summer assessments that challenged our: 

  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling  
  • Maths arithmetic, reasoning and problems solving skills

These assessments were designed to ascertain our current academic attainment, which will subsequently be passed onto our new Year 6 teachers in preparation for the new academic year.

In addition to the above assessments, we have also enjoyed a range of different lessons from the following subjects: science, music, computing, PSHE, RE, maths, literacy and PE.

The below pictures are from our second music lesson on, 'Dancing In The Street' by Martha and the Vandellas. In this lesson, we learnt how to sing the first verse and the chorus.  We also enjoyed finding the pulse of the song and taking part in the listen and respond tasks.

Unfortunately, we didn't win an attendance award last week, so we will need to come to school in our uniform on Monday.  We will need to be wearing our PE uniform on Thursday and for the remaining days, we need to come into school in comfortable clothing so that we can do active PE lessons. Jeans and open toed footwear are not permitted on these days. 

Kind regards,

Pupils of Canaries Class, Mr Paull, Mrs Gosling, Mrs Hubbard and Miss Johnson. 

Canaries Class 24.6.21

Good afternoon parents and carers,

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Miss Johnson today.  She has completed her teaching placement with us this year. To say a huge thank you, we have created a big card for her, organised some games and written personal notes. We would like to wish her all the best for the next chapter of her teaching career, which starts in September with her first class!

Quaver has been our literacy word of the week, which means: shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion (we did initially think of the crisps!). The word was chosen from our class novel, we have been using it to create our own sentences.

We created poems in our last literacy lesson. They were based on 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. Here is our class poem:

Sade's Poem

My favourite place is the forest behind my house.
I always go as it is quiet as a mouse.
I wish to return to my favourite place.
I miss the warm weather it was like a greenhouse.

It is a sea of green.
The beautiful flowers smell so clean.
You feel safe under the tall trees.
It is the place to feel most serene.

Can you spot the rhyming pattern?!

In maths, we continued our work on multiplying two-digit by two-digit numbers. We have been using the power of ten to help us become more efficient in our calculations, alongside partitioning, the area model and short multiplication. We are continuing this next week and then moving onto multiplying 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. 

On Monday 28th June we are pleased to announce that we have a non-uniform day for achieving over 98% attendance.  We will need to be wearing our PE uniform on Thursday and for the remaining days, we are ask pupils to come into school in comfortable clothing so that we can do active PE lessons. Jeans and open toed footwear are not permitted on these days. 

Kind regards,

Pupils of Canaries Class, Mr Paull, Mrs Gosling, Mrs Hubbard and Miss Johnson. 

Canaries Class 22.6.21

Good afternoon parents and carers,

We wanted to share some photos with you from this morning's science lesson. Our learning objective was: To investigate mechanism, levers and pulleys.

We began the lesson by learning about the key vocabulary (load, effort, lever, pivot, fulcrum) before looking at how levers help us to lift different loads. Next, we looked at different types of pulley from a flag post to water being lifted out of a well. We watched a film about the importance of levers in helicopters before our independent task, which was to make our own pulleys. Some of our designs can be seen below:


Canaries Class 18.6.21

Good morning parents and carers,

We have had a great week in Canaries Class and wanted to showcase some of our learning experiences.

The two pictures below show us taking part in this week's music lesson. We were learning how to find the pulse of the song, 'Dancing In The Street' by Martha and the Vandellas. Next week, we will begin learning the lyrics.  




The next five pictures were taken during this week's science lesson. We were investigating friction using different surfaces and found that carpet had the most friction compared to cardboard, foil and bubble wrap. 






The last two pictures were taken during our Dodgeball PE lesson. 


Canaries Class have no PE on Mondays so will need to come to school wearing their school uniform. They will need to be wearing their PE uniform on Thursday and for the remaining days, we ask that all children come into school in comfortable clothing so that they can do active PE lessons. Jeans and open toed footwear are not permitted on these days. 

Kind regards,

Pupils of Canaries Class, Mr Paull, Mrs Gosling, Mrs Hubbard and Miss Johnson.