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Welcome Back! - 10.6.21

Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful half-term, and were able to enjoy the sunshine. As the weather has improved (finally!), may I remind you that your child may bring in a water bottle, which they will have access to throughout the day, and a named sun hat should they wish.

This half-term is your child's final half-term in year 3, and we will be working really hard to complete our learning before the summer. We have been writing instructions in Literacy this week, and in DT the children enjoyed tasting and smelling different ingredients used in fruit bread.

In Science we were thrilled to see our beans have grown lots over half-term - we are pleased they have survived!

This week we will be learning about the life cycle of a plant. During Computing the children have all impressed me with their knowledge as they learn to code objects and make their own scenes.

In Maths we are learning to multiply a two digit and a one-digit number together (e.g. 2x42). We also congratulated two children who achieved 40/40 on their times table test this week.


Weekly update 28.5.21


Doves have been busy this week.  There has been some fantastic learning!

As part of our DT lesson, we designed some bread rolls and used salt dough to practise how to form different shapes. We learnt how to create a roll in the shape of a knot and the children were very good at it! 

On Tuesday, Mr Stratton brought in his stoneage flint axes to support our literacy learning based around the book 'Ug', a boy living in the Stone Age. The children really enjoyed this session and were fascinated to learn how old these axes were.

The children have also enjoyed learning to code objects in our computing session on Thursday afternoon.

Our plants have grown further, and tomorrow we will be discussing how plants make their own food using the sun - see if your child can remember the key word for this on Friday afternoon! 


Weekly Update 24.5.2021

Doves class had a busy end to the week last week, starting off with a literacy lesson where we travelled back to the stone age. Everyone in our classroom walked through a 'time machine' and we pretended to be Ug, from the stone age, acting out how he would react if he found some modern inventions: a hairbrush, mirror, scissors, pen and camera. The children then designed their own comic strips.

In our Science lesson we were thrilled to find out our beans have grown even further, and we can see the shoots and leaves now. We investigated roots and enjoyed learning about their purpose: we learnt the key words: absorb, store and anchor.

Our science experiment to watch this week is pictured below: the children are all sure that our onion and potato will start to grow roots... wait and see what happens!



Thursday 20th May

What an exciting find this morning, our plants are growing! Last week, during our Science lesson, Doves class planted runner bean seeds in pots and in cotton wool, which we have hung on the wall. We were very excited to find the seeds have begun to shoot. Our wall planters are see-through so that the children are able to watch how a root emerges from a seed. We will update you as these grow further!

Tomorrow, as a part of our next Science lesson, we will be placing an onion in water and seeing if roots begin to shoot from the bottom. Watch this space!


Look closely at the last picture and see if you can spot the beans sprouting...

Monday 17th May

This afternoon, the class enjoyed sampling different types of bread. As part of our DT lessons, we are developing our knowledge of bread products already available and will be making our own products in the next few weeks. 

The class tasted a fruit loaf with orange (Mrs Blayney's favourite), a seeded loaf, a 'toastie' white loaf and milk roll. The children had to consider how each piece looked, smelt, felt and tasted and then record this for future lessons. The children's favourite was the 'toastie' because it was soft and would be good for a sandwich. 

Have a look at a few of the photos below.


Weekly Update 13.5.2021

Good afternoon parents and carers,

We have enjoyed our week in Doves class making a start on our new topics. Our new book, Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age, has been enjoyed by all the children. They particularly liked it when Ug's trousers were made from stone!

During Maths, we are learning how to divide and multiply. Please practice times tables with your children. You can use tackling tables online, or learn them through songs or write them down. See an adult if you need any help logging in.

The children were excited to start our Design and Technology project, learning all about bread. On Friday we will be planting runner beans and learning about how plants reproduce.

Remember, PE is on a Wednesday!

Best wishes,

Mrs Blayney, Mrs Gosling, Miss Bartrum, Miss Callum and Chloe.


Weekly Update 7.5.2021


Good afternoon parents and carers,

It has been a busy week in Doves class, and your children have worked very hard. On Friday the children created bug hotels which will be kept in our Science Garden. Thank you for all the donations of bottles!

Next week we are learning:

Maths: multiplication and division

Literacy: we will start reading our new story, Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age

Science: we will begin looking at plants

Geography: we will begin studying a country closely.

Please remember PE is on a Wednesday.

Best wishes

Mrs Blayney, Mrs Gosling, Miss Bartrum, Miss Callum and Chloe.