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Weekly Update - Penguins Class 10.6.21

Penguins class have been busy practising our multiplication tables online using Tackling Tables and learning written methods for multiplication in Maths. We have continued to explore 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne in Literacy and have started to create our own playscripts based upon it. 

This week, we started a new topic in Science all about sound. We started off by making telephones using string and cups, and feeling the vibrations of our voices as they traveled along the string! In Music, we have been learning to sign 'Three Little Birds' as well as sing it, and in computing we have started learning to use 'if' statements in our algorithms to control when a character does something.

For our DT topic, we made Strawberry smoothies using yoghurt, milk, bananas and strawberries. The class had great fun measuring the ingredients, chopping, mixing and then tasting their smoothies. We also learnt about the importance of hygiene when cooking or preparing food. Well done, Penguins Class!



Weekly Update - Penguins Class 27.5.21

Penguins class have been busy this week learning written methods for multiplication and Tackling Tables in Maths. For Literacy, we have continued exploring our text 'Into The Forest' by Anthony Browne and have really enjoyed the drama activities linked to it and discussing the characters feelings and motivations. 

In Science, we have investigated and made parallel circuits using cells (batteries), wires and bulbs. For Music, we have continued to learn the Bob Marley song: 'Three Little Birds' and in Computing we have developed our understanding of coding on Purple Mash. In RE, we have been learning about Buddhism. 

For our topic work, we have been learning about the weather in Japan and also about the Tsunamis which the country has experienced caused by earthquakes. We have learned about the 10 metre waves which hit the country in 2011 and decided to recreate this by making our own paper house models and Tsunami surge. We had great fun doing this! Please see the photos below:

Have a great half-term - we look forward to hearing all the interesting things the children have been doing during it. 


Mr Stratton, Mrs Weston, Mrs Fyson and Mrs Collison


Weekly Update - Penguins Class 19.5.21


This week, Penguins class has started their DT unit on Edible Gardens! We have smelt and tasted some herbs before planting herb seeds, and we are now waiting for them to grow so that we can eat them in the future.

In Geography, we located Japan in the world and found out some interesting facts about the country. 

In Science, we learnt about the difference between series and parallel circuits, acting out how electricity flows around them.

We are continuing our work on multiplication in Maths, and exploring the book "Into the Forest" by Anthony Browne in Literacy. We have enjoyed spotting the links to lots of fairy tales in his illustrations, and looking at a couple of his other books, "The Tunnel" and "Hansel and Gretel" to see if he had done the same.

We are learning the song Three Little Birds by Bob Marley in Music, and to use repeat commands when coding in Computing. In RE, we have been learning about Buddhism.


Weekly Update - Penguins Class 11.5.21

Last week, we were busy making bug hotels. Thank you for all your donations of bottles and materials for the bug hotels.  The children really enjoyed making them and learning all about the animals which might live in them. 

This week, we are looking at Multiplication and Division using arrays in Maths. In English, we are starting a new book by Anthony Browne and will be doing lots of drama related to it to help our writing. 

In Science, we are continuing with our topic on electricity and conductors. For topic, we will begin our unit on Japan and in DT we will begin our 'Edible Garden' unit where we will grow plants and then eat the produce. 

If you have any questions, please catch us on the gate at drop off/pick up or make an appointment with the office.


Mr Stratton, Mrs Weston, Mrs Fyson and Mrs Collison