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Eastgate Academy Science 


Science is interwoven into every aspect of our day to day lives and the world in which we live. At Eastgate Academy we are using the PKC curriculum, which allows us to spark a passion and curiosity for science through enquiry-based learning which engages our children in discussions and practical investigations that help them question and understand their world. By deepening their understanding, we are helping them grow into confident, aspirational, passionate human beings who are equipped with the knowledge to be successful and to make a difference to their community and beyond.

Children should be able to use and understand scientific vocabulary to hypothesise, explain occurrences, make predictions and analyse results to come up with their own conclusions. They should feel that science is accessible to everyone. It is an ever-evolving subject and at Eastgate we believe it is important to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they can use and successfully develop in the future.


The PKC curriculum is delivered in a way that it meets the needs and interests of all of our pupils. An enquiry-based learning approach means our children can steer their learning and investigate their own questions and interests within that unit. Children are able to work collaboratively to explore different hypotheses of various aspects of science, perform experiments and gain confidence to work as part of a group, independently and to draw their own conclusions. This enables all children to apply and build on their practical skills and knowledge. They are also able to learn about different scientists in a variety of fields to give all children an aspirational role model.