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Weekly Catch Up

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  • Week Beginning 29.4.24

    Published 26/04/24, by Jackie Rutter

    This term, Kingfishers are looking at Anglo-Saxon art and have created their own interpretation of an Anglo-Saxon brooch using the same techniques the Anglo-Saxons used. 

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  • Week Beginning 22.4.24

    Published 26/04/24, by Jackie Rutter

    This term in science, Kingfishers are learning about plants. During their lesson, they explored plants and discovered their properties. 

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  • Week Beginning 25.03.24

    Published 27/03/24, by Jackie Rutter

    Kingfishers enjoyed our trip to St George's Guildhall to watch 'Baba Yaga' a traditional Russian tale.

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  • Weekly Beginning 18/03/24

    Published 22/03/24, by Jackie Rutter

    For outdoor learning this week, Kingfisher's lesson was about different types of soil and what particles the different soils had in them. 

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  • Kingfishers 11.03.24

    Published 12/03/24, by Jackie Rutter

    Kingfishers class have been looking at relief sculptures and sculptures in the round during their art topic. They have created their own tile in relief. 






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  • Week Beginning 15..1.24

    Published 19/01/24, by Jackie Rutter

    During art, Kingfishers learnt about architecture. This week they looked at the Parthenon, a temple in Athens which was built for the Goddess Athena. They looked at the frieze which was created for Athenas' birthday. The frieze is in relief, which means the sculpture is raised above the background. Kingfishers then created their own design for a clay tile which they will create later. 

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  • Kingfishers 05/01/24

    Published 05/01/24, by Jackie Rutter

    Kingfishers have evaluated and finished their D. T unit of work. Here is their finished product.  

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  • Christmas Blog 18.12.23

    Published 18/12/23, by Jackie Rutter

    The Kingfishers celebrated winning the termly attendance award. Woohoo!

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  • Kingfishers 04.12.23

    Published 08/12/23, by Jackie Rutter

    This week Kingfishers wrote their poems describing what they thought the setting of Jubs forest would be like. They wrote out their drafts then cut out the lines and rearranged for maximum impact. They have produced some beautifully described poems to be proud of. 

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  • Kingfishers 27.11.23

    Published 01/12/23, by Jackie Rutter

    Kingfisher's Literacy


    Kingfishers enjoyed some outdoor learning as a way of inspiring their literacy. They have been learning about the book's character Jub and her adventures in the forest. Kingfishers have been tasked with writing a descriptive poem about Jub's home in the forest. So they explored four of their five senses outdoors (we didn't let them taste them!). They will use this to inspire some descriptive poetry writing.

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  • Week Beginning 20.11.23

    Published 24/11/23, by Jackie Rutter

    Kingfishers researched the life cycle of a frog during their computing lesson.  

    In their science lesson, Kingfishers wrote a report and drew a diagram of the stages of the life cycle of a frog. 

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  • Week Beginning - 13.11.23

    Published 17/11/23, by Jackie Rutter
        This week we had a special visitor! Jub arrived in our class having just travelled from her home in the enchanted forest. Jub is a magical character who lives in a hole in the forest and has six fingers which help h
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