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Weekly Catch Up

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  • Magpies 12.2.24

    Published 01/03/24, by Jessica Seville

    The children at the top of the fun house when we visited the Mart. 

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  • Week commencing 5.2.24

    Published 09/02/24, by Jessica Seville

    Magpies and Owls taking part in Yoga this week as part of their culture capital lessons. 

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  • Week Beginning 15.01.24

    Published 17/01/24, by Jessica Seville

    One fantastic superstar who took it upon herself to complete further research into her science topic at home. She even made a fantastic clay mushroom. 

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  • Magpies 8.1.24

    Published 11/01/24, by Jessica Seville

    The children have been explore the 5 kingdoms of living things in Science this week!

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  • Magpies - 25.09.23

    Published 27/09/23, by Jessica Seville

    Magpies bringing maths to life when exploring the meaning of the equals (=) sign. 

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