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Magpies bringing maths to life when exploring the meaning of the equals (=) sign. 

Welcome to the new year!

Magpies have been working extremely hard already. They have already been practising for their SATs assessments and delving into their topics! Have a look below for some of the highlights since we started the new school year. 

Our first Star of the Week for the year was chosen because of her fantastic start to Year 6 and her brilliant explanations, especially in SPAG!

This week's Star of the Week has shown a fantastic aptitude and enthusiasm for maths. We hope she keeps this up throughout the year!

We have had some beautifully presented books since the beginning of the year. Lots of fantastic handwriting! These 2 individuals started the year strong and have really made an effort to keep their handwriting neat and joined up in all their books. 

This week we celebrated this young lady for her fantastic presentation and her consistency in all her books. 

Since the beginning of term, the class have been working with Paige from Asgardian Adventures. They have been working on their drawing skills to create characters; fantasy and non-fantasy. They are producing some amazing  work! Have a look at some of it below:

 The children have then been taking their skills to their Art lessons in class where they have been working on their drawing skills. They have been focusing on drawing using a one-point linear perspective. This is in preparation for their attempt at drawing the Florence Cathedral as part of their Italian Renaissance Architecture topic.