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outdoor learning catch up

Whistle Stop Tour

Phew, it's been a busy couple of weeks outside!!

Year 4 has been busy clearing the 'science' garden and getting it ready for the whole school's next few science modules on Plants - Great job year 4.

Plus a trip to The Walks with two artists who will be responsible for the new sculpture that will appear outside the Railway Station.

Year 3 have been visiting the Stone Age - making and creating their own stone-age jewellery and paint.  As well as going on a 'hunter-gatherer' mission in the Outdoor Classroom and recreating life-sized mammoths.

Year 2 have been transported back to the Roman era, building and testing their very own Roman roads.  As well as recreating Roman towns, learning the Roman names for some of our bigger towns and cities and plotting them on a map.  Of course, it was windy, and we spent a lot of time chasing our 'villa's and bath houses' around the playground!

Year 1 has been having a lot of fun learning about their senses.  We have been on sensory walks around the school grounds, using our eyes to discover lots of different things including the reliefs on the building, different trees and birds and even plane and helicopter spotting.  We then went on an auditory walk using our ears.  The ducks quacking was a firm favourite, as well as the magpies, who gave our ears a real treat.