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Week Commencing 9th October

This week in Outdoor Learning:

Doves - Doves have begun to learn about Cave Paintings and how they were important for communication.  We had to try and work out who lived the furthest away from school but just using pictures and a very limited amount of words.  It was very tricky!

Eagles - We have been looking at armour and discussing the purpose.  We then talked about how the Roman Army worked together to make different shield formations to gain the upper hand in battle.  We learnt the Triple Line, The Wedge and The Testardo.



Puffins continued their Sensory Experiences - this week we were finding things to touch and writing adjectives for them.  We found lots of different things including "squishy, squashy, sloppy pears", "soft, silky and fuzzy leaves" and "slippery, slimy, squelchy slugs".