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Week Beginning 26.2.24

Our Star of the Week and our handwriting and presentation star. Well done to both of you.

Here are a few pictures of our last 3 topics: Art, History and Music. We had some positive feedback from the children.


'I loved learning about the past and knowing more about what was wrong with the Slave Trade, I'm glad I know and that it has stopped' - Eleanor

Corbyn said 'I enjoyed history because I learnt about how Thomas Clarkson abolished the slave trade'

'I really liked the past few lessons in history. I had heard about it but didn't really fully understand the whole story behind the slave trade. I did over a page of writing in every lesson as it was so interesting' - Destiny


Abigail said 'I loved music, learning to read notes and playing what I'd learnt to the whole class'

'I like music because we learnt new musical notes and then played them on the glockenspiels' - Ellie-Rose 

'Music is my most favourite subject, I loved learning the different notes and how to write them down' said by Liam


Maddison said 'Art lessons are always fun, I look forward to them every week. We made some really beautiful Islamic geometric patterns'

'We learnt and drew about Islamic art. Thanks to my teacher I can do it 10x better now and really enjoyed it' - Akif

As you can see, we think the children really enjoyed their lessons, it was great to see them engaged. We saw some great examples of work in all 3 topics. Well done Owls.