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Hi parents. 

Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely break. Just to clarify that all children will come into school wearing their PE kits. They will wear this for the whole day. 

Below is the new PE timetable. All children will need outdoor kits unless swimming. I have no problem with children wearing shorts if they wish. 

Monday Magpies-Athletics Robins-Outdoor games
Tuesday Eagles-Outdoor games Owls-Athletics



Thursday Kingfishers-Athletics  
Friday Puffins-Outdoor games  


Eagles this week have started their outdoor games with tennis. To begin, the children looked at rolling the ball to one another to try and improve their aiming and target skills. They then moved onto learning how to hold a tennis racket correctly and what stokes are used in tennis. The two main ones are forehand and backhand. The children, working with a partner had to throw the ball and the other partner had to return the ball using the racket.