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Tennis lesson with Mr Bird.

Throughout this week the children have taken part in various sports in different lessons. We've learnt about long distance running, sprints, basketball, kick rounders, swimming and cricket. 

Penguins class are swimming this half term and are making huge progress with many of the children being moved up into the big pool. This week they have practised different swimming strokes including backstroke and front crawl whilst those in the small pool have been working on their breathing techniques. 

Kingfishers class are now attending Lynnsport on a Thursday morning. This week's range of activities were hockey, kick rounders, football and handball. All the activities planned help improve target and striking practice. The children are really enjoying working with the college students and also received a free water bottle this week. 




Penguins and Kingfishers also had an exciting opportunity this week to work with a tennis coach. Mr Bird from the Lawn Tennis Association worked with the children on their tennis skills and helped them to improve their hand eye coordination in tennis. The children took part in a snatch and steal game as well as around the world game and over the net challenge. 



We have also started our after school basketball club this week. This is open to years 5 and 6. We began this week on the initial steps of basketball which is passing, shooting, attacking and defending. You can see in the photos below the children practising their shooting skills. The children practice this by using the word BEEF to help them, this stands for BOUNCE, EYES, ELBOW AND FLICK.  You can also see the children taking part in an A+D challenge.