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Week Beginning 15.1.24

This week has been a busy week with many different aims being achieved through all classes in PE.

Our infant classes are working on basketball, focusing on fine and gross motor skills such as dribbling the ball. Each child thought about which hand is their dominant one.

Eagles have been working hard on their passing and aiming skills in basketball. The three main passes normally seen in basketball are: a chest pass, a bounce pass and a shoulder pass. Each class in our infant phase used a range of balls to try to work out which ball is easiest to use and why when dribbling and passing. 



Across lower KS2, all 3 classes have been working on OAA- Outdoor adventure activities. This focuses massively on skills such as communication, team building and problem-solving. Orienteering is also part of OAA and helps children to use compasses and read maps. 

Here you can see Kingfishers taking part in the floor game, Lava. In this activity, the children have to order themselves, for example height order, birth month order or the number of siblings each child has.  To increase the difficulty level, the children were first asked to stand on a bench and not fall off and then to complete the activity blindfolded. 


In upper KS2 the children are taking part in invasion games. We are currently learning about hockey.  The children have been working on how to control the ball with their hockey stick, how to pass it in a straight line and quickly change direction when an opponent tries to intercept their pass.  We hope over the next couple of weeks, the children will learn more skills and vocabulary and eventually play some matches.