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Week Beginning 20.5.24

Making sculptures.

Star of the Week

Handwriting Star

I Beat the Teacher


We have been busy learning all the ways to spell the 'igh' sound.


We used silver foil and pipe cleaners to make sculptures of people. The children carefully created the figures by positioning and joining pipe cleaners, then meticulously covered the figures in silver foil.


This week we held a debate about whether the garden in our class story should remain a secret. We took sides of a line to argue our case to the opposition, then we had the chance to re-evaluate our opinion. We finished off by writing our argument in our literacy books.

Things to Remember:

Homework: Read to an adult every night. Practise phonetic sounds.

Tuesday: PE and Library

Wednesday: Outdoor learning

The phonics screening test is the week of 10.6.24

Have a lovely half-term break. Mrs Mac, Mrs King, Louise and Amy.