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Week Beginning - 11.12.23

Well done to the above pupils who received certificates for being Star of the Week and for handwriting.

We are really close to finishing our felt phone cases in design and technology. Here are some of our creations that we have sewed using both the running stitch and back stitch. 

In literacy, we have been learning all about the key features of a newspaper report. In these photos, we are picking out the 5W's from an introductory paragraph and writing our own.

Our last practical investigation for science was about reversible and irreversible changes. We watched a demonstration of an irreversible change involving bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, which released carbon dioxide and inflated the balloon. 

 All the year 5 children came together for our first RSHE lesson this week. We were learning about puberty and hormones. The focus of this lesson was about the different emotions that we may experience and how it could be similar to being on a rollercoaster.