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Weekly catchup

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  • Week Beginning 15.4.24

    Published 17/04/24, by Claire Gosling

    Doves class have worked hard this week to complete their carousels from before the Easter holiday. The children learnt how to make the carousel spin using spools and string and loved to see them moving.

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  • Week Beginning 11/3/24

    Published 13/03/24, by Claire Gosling

    Doves have been fortunate enough to visit the mosque recently and have been learning more this week about the features of a mosque. The children have learnt a lot about Islam and have been enjoying gaining knowledge about another world religion. During our RE lessons, the children have been learning about how a mosque is decorated and that human and animal imagery are not allowed in a mosque, so patterns and shapes are used instead. The children have also been learning about prayer and were able to observe a prayer being carried out when we arrived at the mosque.

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  • Week beginning 4.3.24

    Published 08/03/24, by Andrew Stratton

    World Book Day 2024

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  • Week Beginning 5.2.24

    Published 07/02/24, by Andrew Stratton

    This week has been another busy week for Doves class. 

    On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet Day by looking at the theme of 'Positive Influence'. The children looked at different scenarios and had some wonderful conversations about whether this is considered a positive influence, a negative influence or whether it depended on the situation. The discussions were fantastic to listen to.

    Next week is assessment week so we are looking forward to seeing how much they have all learnt and celebrating their success with them!

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  • week beginning 29.1.24

    Published 01/02/24, by Andrew Stratton

    Investigating magnetic materials in Doves class.

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  • Week Beginning 22.1.24

    Published 26/01/24, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves class are learning about friction as part of the Science unit on forces and magnets. The children tested the time taken for a toy car to reach the bottom of the slope with a variety of surfaces, such as bubble wrap and towels. The children really enjoyed taking part in the experiment and learnt about the need to make sure the test was fair. 

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  • Week beginning 15-1-24

    Published 19/01/24, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves class have been busy completing their unit on torches. The children designed and made a torch based on their interests and then made it out of recycled items. The children learned about electricity and circuits as part of the unit and really enjoyed making their own torches.

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  • Week Beginning 8.1.24

    Published 12/01/24, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves class have been busy since returning back to school after the holidays. We have been learning about circuits as part of our DT project on torches. The children made their own switch to then use on a torch they have designed. We will then assemble the torches and test out our circuits and switches in them.

    Please remember to read regularly with your child as it makes such a difference to their progress. Also, use the Tackling Tables online learning as well as resources such as Percy Parker to help your child learn their multiplication tables. 

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  • Week Beginning 4.12.23

    Published 08/12/23, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves class have been busy learning about life cycles of plants and animals as part of their Science topic. The children have learnt about the life cycle of a frog: from frogspawn to tadpoles and onto becoming fully grown frogs. As part of the unit, the pupils also got to grow their own plants from seeds and discussed the conditions required for them to grow well. They then investigated their findings and got to take their plants home. 

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  • Week Beginning 20.11.23

    Published 20/11/23, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves Class have been busy learning about Spatial Sense in their Geography topic. As part of the unit, the children learn about the symbols used in Ordnance Survey (OS) maps and what they mean. The class really enjoyed the opportunity to look at local maps and find landmarks which they recognised. 

    A big thank you to all those pupils who have brought in kitchen roll tubes and yoghurt pots for our DT project on torches. Please bring these in if you're able to for the pupils to make their torches with. 

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  • Week commencing 30.10.23

    Published 02/11/23, by Andrew Stratton

    Doves class have been learning all about the Mexican festival of Day of the Dead as part of their curriculum enrichment and learning about different cultures. The children enjoyed dressing up in costumes and also created masks for a parade through the school. Also, they discovered the Spanish translations and practised their pronunciation.

    Please can you make sure you read regularly with your child (every night if possible) as they are able to change their books each day from the library. Reading regularly for short periods of time (10 or 15 minutes) makes such a difference to your child's progress. 

    Thanks - The Doves class team.

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  • doves 16.10.23

    Published 18/10/23, by Claire Gosling

    This week Doves have been working hard on learning about fractions. They have been learning the language of numerator and denominator to understand how to share numbers into groups. The children enjoyed using the counters to practically work out the answers.

    We have been learning about email this week and how we can use this to communicate with others around the world.

    The children have finished their learning about systems in the human body and completed a final write about what they have learnt. They all worked really hard to remember what we had done in previous lessons.

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