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  • Week Beginning 13/11/23

    Published 17/11/23, by Elaine Oldroyd

    In Design Technology the children have enjoyed putting their designs onto material!







    Science this week has included classifying animals into different groups.

    In literacy, the children have heard more of the book Pebble in My Pocket and created a story map. They have been working hard to write up the pebble’s journey in their literacy book.

    The children worked very well during maths this week, moving on from rounding to the nearest 1000’s to representing 4-digit numbers in various ways.


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  • Week Beginning - 6.11.23

    Published 10/11/23, by Laura Warren

    In Design Technology we have been designing our own juggling balls.

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  • Week Commencing 30.10.23

    Published 31/10/23, by Laura Warren
    This week has been a very exciting week in Penguins! We had Halloween costumes, Day of the Dead costumes and Non-Uniform all in one week! We have started our work on Place Value using Power Maths. We have been looking at how numbers can be represe
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  • Penguins 16.10.23

    Published 20/10/23, by Laura Warren
    This week in maths, Penguins have been recapping how to subtract using the expanded column method and on a number line. This week in literacy, Penguins have been learning about the different ways to use an apostrophe and we have recapped on the di
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  • Penguins 09.10.23

    Published 10/10/23, by Laura Warren

    Penguins have been learning about different Greek gods and goddesses.

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  • Week Beginning 02.10.23

    Published 04/10/23, by Laura Warren
    Penguins have had a bit of a different week this week. On Wednesday, we were really lucky to have some artists and a very nice lady from the council join us. They talked about a new project they are working on which we are going to be a part of. How
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  • Penguins 25.09.23

    Published 27/09/23, by Laura Warren

    Penguins have had a great week and have really engaged with their learning!

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  • Penguins 18.09.23

    Published 20/09/23, by Laura Warren

    Penguins have been learning more about Ancient Greece!

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  • Penguins 11.09.23

    Published 15/09/23, by Laura Warren

    In Penguins, we have made it through the first full week of being year 4. We have been getting to grips with our new routines and what we are going to be learning this half-term.

    We have started off with recapping some important knowledge that will help us this year.

    In our literacy lessons we have been focusing on word classes and trying to write them and identify them in sentences. We are getting there, but there is always room for improvement! 

    In our maths lessons we have been learning about fractions and how to find fractions of numbers.

    In science, we have started learning about the human body. We learnt about cells and how together they make up the tissue in our bodies. We have also been learning about teeth and the different types we have.

    Our history lessons have been about Ancient Greece and how democracy started.

    In art, we have been learning about light.

    We have had a super week, and we look forward to more learning next week!

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