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Penguins have had a great week and have really engaged with their learning!

This week, Penguins have been continuing their learning with fractions. This time they have been focusing on adding fractions with the same denominator. It's a little bit trickier when the numerator is larger than the denominator, but there's lots of time to learn!

This week in literacy, Penguins have been working on contracted words and writing them in sentences.

Science was exciting this week because we were looking at the results of our eggshell experiment. The results were shocking, but not surprising. The most acidic liquids did the most harm to the egg. The one in vinegar had almost completely eroded away the shell and left the membrane. We discussed that this is what could happen to our teeth if we didn't look after them.

In history, Penguins learnt about Alexander the Great. He was an intelligent leader, but he wasn't a particularly nice person. We have made a fact file to show all about what we have learnt.

In art, Penguins have been comparing paintings that show different tones in them. Penguins practised making tones with paints which can be trickier than with other things like charcoal. They painted black at the top and tried to slowly mix their paint with white to show the gradients between very dark and very light.

In music, we are continuing to learn the song Lean on Me, and we are also practising how to play some notes of it using the Glockenspiels.