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Week Beginning 08.01.24

In maths, Penguins have been continuing their work on addition and subtraction. They have been using place columns and the inverse method to check whether calculations are correct. 

In literacy, Penguins have been learning about similes, metaphors and haikus. They have been using these to write about honey. They had some honey in cups, so they could look at it closely. This comes from the story they had heard about Monkey and Papa God. 

In history, they have been learning about Roman society, and they have compared it to what democracy is like today.

In RE, Penguins have started their unit on Pilgrimages. They have been learning about the different special places on a Buddhist pilgrimage.

In art, Penguins have been learning about foreground, middleground and background. They have been learning how using different sizing and less detail can show depth in their work.