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Week Beginning 15.01.24

Penguins have been working together a lot this week!

One of the children in Penguins has shown great courage by playing the piano in front of the whole school and has received a headteacher's award for his efforts! Penguins class didn't realise he was so skilled! We are very proud of him.

This week in history, Penguins have been learning about how the city of Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius. They looked at a picture of how Pompeii is now, showing how the remains have been preserved. They also looked at live footage of the volcano in Iceland. This was fascinating!

In maths this week, Penguins have been continuing with their problem-solving skills in addition and subtraction. They have been working on using the column method to help them. They have also started looking at multiplication and division.

In Power of Reading, the children have been learning about a story called The Peddlar of Swaffham. They discovered there is a statue dedicated to him in the town. They also talked about London Bridge and how it changed over time. They have also been working in pairs to use a thesaurus and look for adjectives to describe the peddlar's cottage.

In Spanish, Penguins have been recapping the numbers to 10. They just need to work a little on correct pronunciation. 

During art, Penguins have used their drawings of the foreground, middleground and background to cut out shapes in cardboard. They will be carrying this on next week.