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Penguins have been starting some new units of learning!

In Penguins this week, the children have started off with recapping using column method for addition and subtraction. They have also been continuing their learning of the 6x tables and use of fact families to support them.

In groups, during writing, they have been creating questions and answers from the perspective of a reporter and John Chapman, so they can use quotes in their newspaper report.

In spelling, they have been looking at a variety of root words and suffixes and which words match with which suffixes to create new words. They have also been learning to spell some words from their word list during handwriting sessions.

In science, they have started their unit on sound, by discussing how sound is made and why distance and the matter it travels through can affect volume.

In computing, Penguins have been recapping how to use the coding options in Purple Mash.

In DT, Penguins have started their unit on lunches, learning about composite dishes and consolidating their understanding of the EatWell Plate.

In Geography, the children have been using a map to label the different countries in Eastern Europe.

Penguins have also been practising their use of inverted commas with some challenge sheets.

In computing, Penguins have been refreshing their knowledge of coding.