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Week Beginning 11.03.24

Penguins have been making crackers with toppings in D.T. 

This week in maths, Penguins have been solving problems using the 7x table.

In literacy, the children have been continuing their newspaper report. They have also been going over questions that were on their grammar paper to discuss vocabulary that they may not be familiar with.

In geography, Penguins have been learning about the physical features of Eastern Europe and identifying them on a map. 

In Spanish, they have been recapping on the fruits, but this time they have been drawing and labelling them in their Spanish books.

For our spellings, children have been looking at words starting with gu- and writing them in sentences.

In DT, Penguins had a go at slicing some tomatoes, cucumber and celery and put them on a cracker.

In science, Penguins have been celebrating British Science Week by investigating how pitch changes in home-made instruments.

In computing, the children have been learning how to code IF statements using Purple Mash.