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Rotary Junior Technology Tournament - 19.5.23

On Friday 19th May 2023, Canaries Class took part in a junior technology tournament organised by the King's Lynn Rotary Club.  Mrs Gosling (Eastgate Academy Design and Technology Lead) was heavily involved in the organisation of the day and has worked closely with John, John, John and Ken (pictured above) to make the day a success. Canaries Class would to like to say a big thank you for this great opportunity.  Here is what the children were tasked to do...


You are members of a team of environmental civil engineers working for Snettisham Nature Reserve. You have been asked to design an animal crossing to go over a busy pathway in the animal sanctuary. When you have finished your design, you will have to build a scale model of the crossing and your model will then be tested.  Your crossing will need to be wide enough for red squirrels to cross from one side of the path to the other to collect food.  It must be high enough to allow adults and children to walk under it.

Canaries Class were split into groups of 4 and the below photos show them working in their teams and their final products: