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Robins & kingfishers win attendance rewards.

This week's attendance reward winners are Robins & Kingfishers!

Congratulations this week to Robins and Kingfishers classes.  Both classes had achieved over 97% attendance by last Thursday morning's registration, which has earned them our weekly breakfast award.

Both classes then went on to achieve over 98% attendance for the remainder of the week, earning themselves a non-uniform day, to be taken on Friday, 13th October. 

Well done Robins and Kingfishers classes!

Robins are currently in first position on both our academic year leader board and our termly leader board, with the Kingfishers class very closely behind them, in second position on both leader boards. 

Both classes are doing an outstanding job with their attendance.  Keep up the good work everyone and remember that our Majestic Cinema attendance incentive started today, Monday 9th October.  You have to be in, to win.