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Creating Characters with nic


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Alex Dunnington, I am a half-elf ranger which gives me many skills I use for foraging, setting traps, tracking, and hunting. I live with my mother in the wild where she trained me in the art of herbalism, nature spirits and the flora and fauna. 

My father was a human bard who played a magical guitar in the centre of Chester for all to hear, when you see Adam the first you notice is his fiery red hair with a small shade of brown. His face and body are covered in scars from when a group of Dragonborn invaded our town and he suffered a severe beating, since that day he now always wears tape around his hands. 

My mother was an elven druid with long light green/yellow hair down to her knees and purple and orange carnations, she used to gather herbs and make special potions whilst we lived in Chester helping people when they got sick. 

I made friends with an Aarakocran Warlock adventurer called Geerk who made a deal with Bhaal the god of murder, his wings are golden in colour with orange patches of feathers across his body. In exchange for this, he gained the power to conjure flames and use other dark magics.

I have a pet Dire wolf named Jaws, I work together with jaws to forage for food and bring it back to us on our farm his fur is black and white standing 4 foot high with a scar along his back it gained when our nearby forest was set on fire, we went to extinguish the flame however once we arrived we were trapped by a gold dragon which had disguised itself with a form of camouflage where colours kept moving across the surface, he attacked us from behind and Jaws leapt in to defend me.

I am heading off to explore the world to hunt and tame creatures I will have never seen or heard of before but also to hunt down the Dragonborn that attacked my father to discover why they harmed him and then possibly get revenge.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Rakgu I am an Orc, I grew up in a mansion on the outskirts of Woolhope surrounded by large hills and as the sun would set they would block out all the light. I was taught how to become a rogue because I wanted to get into places I'm not supposed to.

I was raised by my Grandmother Regina, a wizard who taught me how to use some simple magic to fade into the shadows and change how I look to other people.

My father Zeakgu was a great rogue and taught me how to pick locks and disarm traps, a while ago he was hurt leaving a scar over his left eye from forehead to chin.

My mother Ragash was a sorceress, by using her magic she could conjure things out of thin air, she has a wizard hat that is black with various shades of green she always wore.

My parents disappeared one day whilst on a job, after that my grandmother gave me a special Ring (of resurrection) telling me that it will protect me if I get into terrible trouble.

I also have Ryan my rainbow-coloured meerkat, I found him when I was wandering through the sewers, he sneaks into small areas I cannot reach and provides reconnaissance on buildings.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Qyxpahrgh (Qyx-pah) and I am a copper Dragonborn, as you can tell by my scales. I am a rogue which means I’m good at being sneaky however I also can shapeshift.

My father is a Copper Dragonborn, and his name is Arjhan. One unique thing about my father is he has heterochromia meaning one eye is grey and the other is green, he is a druid which means he can transform into animals and has the power to control nature.

My mother was a black Dragonborn, and her name was Zedaar. I could always recognise her because she had 4 white scales on her cheek, being a rogue meant she could sneak around like me, but she was after money unlike myself who prefers trinkets.

I have a special ability as I mentioned at the beginning I can shapeshift. My forms are Lion, Puma, Gecko, Cheetah and Crow. When in crow form at night I can sneak around towns or cities without being noticed, I transform into a Gecko to gain access into places I shouldn’t then I use the cheetah to run away quickly from enemies who chase me.

I’m going on an adventure to find out what happened to my mother and to discover why she left both of us five years ago.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Ioelena Aradova. I live within the Golden tree alongside the Darethi druid circle, here I was taught how to harness the power of nature talking to animals and controlling plants.

My father is Arathen Aradova, he is an elven bard who wanders the land playing his many magical instruments, simply to bring joy to people, especially those who were homeless. His favourite instrument to play was the violin which had his name carved into the wood on the side, I could always tell who he was by his golden hair.

My mother is Natasha Aradova, a human warlock who made deals with a fire spirit we named Glo and an ice spirit called Glayze, they allow us to put on great shows for people creating fabulous displays such as ice sculptures and burning patterns. She always wore her hair in a ponytail and on special occasions she would wear fabulous dresses.

I have a younger sister named Ellinor Aradova, she is three years old and living with me at the druidic circle.

My sister and I have pet ferrets, mine is named biscuit, he is covered in brown fur with white stripes along the side of his back. My sister calls hers chocolate. I wear a necklace in the shape of a heart, half of it is made of sapphire and the other diamond.

I am heading out to find my parents after they disappeared two months ago leaving me and my sister with the Darethi druids, whilst looking for them I hope to paint the beautiful sights I see along my travels by imbuing magic into them to allow the pictures to move and come alive.


Who are you?

Hello my name is Vorris Dorric, I live in Ilma Anore a small village amongst the trees in the mammoth maple forest. Being an elf, I live for thousands of years. When I was younger my father Elmon Dorric trained me to be a barbarian, meaning that when I am fighting I use my anger to enter a rage allowing myself to become stronger.


My father having been Elmon Dorric and he was a barbarian. One unique thing about him was he had no bottom teeth all previously knocked out whilst fighting with lumberjacks who had attempted to fell the trees we lived in. My father sadly lost his life fighting Uzumati, a monstrous bear, within the forest. It had cornered our people returning from gathering and he held it off to let them get to safety.

My mother was Selphie Dorric a lovely woman who always wore a smile on her face. She was always around to tend my father’s wounds. One day when she went out to gather she came across a mushroom never before seen, an umbra hair mushroom. As flat black top growing smaller mushrooms above with a white stem below. Upon finding this she brought it home and cooked it for dinner. However, she became very sick and passed away that evening.

I have 6 siblings my elder brother Arlen Dorric 70, younger sister Kenia Dorric 45, younger brother Volodar Dorric 32, younger sister Yumanea Dorric 30, Keya Dorric 21 and Lusha Dorric 15.

My Grandfather is Kieran Dorric an elder of our village who is very wise and helps guide our people with his vast knowledge.  He is considered a sage to visitors having spent his life pouring over tomes. He is a druid which allows him to control and communicate with the nature all around him.

I was given, by my Grandfather an albino corn snake which I named Cactus to be my pet.  He is three years old and never leaves my person often wrapping around my arms when travelling. I also inherited my father’s battle axe’ Humongous; a very large battle axe however I have been able      to wield it since my early days.

I am leaving home to explore the world and find snails of all variety and colour.


Who are you? 

Hello, my name is Bynyarie, I am a half-elf warlock, and I made a deal with a demon for magical powers. I was born in a field and raised by my single father, he told me that my mother disappeared without a trace, I have no memories of her.

My father Earfyr is a human ranger, he has a large scar across his face from right eye to left, he got this when he fought against a pack of wolves on our travels.

My mother Eynmae was an elf fighter, I was told that both her eyes and hair were pure white as snow and when she fought it looked as if it was a dance.

I have two older brothers, Nilavor and Niltumil.

After I made a deal with the demon a crow landed on my shoulder, he has been with me ever since, I call him Oslow, he has purple eyes and always brings me small trinkets.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Zaphak Nightbreaker, I am an 8ft tall Goliath with a bald head and dark blue stripes tattooed across my entire body. I wear my black leather armour across my chest with one spiked shoulder guard on my right shoulder and upon the other, I sit my weapon Killing Machine, on one side a great axe and the other a Warhammer. My family are nomads wandering from place to place; however, my preference is to stick to the mountains and caves away from folk who might recognise the bounty upon my head.

My father is Aurrath Nightbreaker a goliath of unparalleled size and strength, standing 10 feet tall his body looks as if cut from the stone of the mountain itself, he is bald with no tattoos and wears similar leather armour and shoulder guard as me, but he also wears a brown leather jacket with white fur around the neck and following the seam. At his side is his magical Greataxe Sunshine, a golden weapon that would expose all shadows.

My mother Vorreal Nightbreaker was a strong and fierce fighter, she stands 7ft 4 and although smaller than myself she would always train with my father until a standstill where neither could go on. Her hair was what she took most pride in, a mixture of bright pink, red, blonde, and blue, one side was shaved and the other fell down just below her shoulders. She had no tattoos but carried a special set of armour for serious fights whilst wielding her trusty Warhammer.

I have four siblings my brothers Keokein 20 and Lapath 17 and my sisters Parrea 21 and Arethe 16.

My weapon Killing Machine was crafted by my mother and father when I turned 22, it is two halves of their favourite weapons and is very dear to me. I also have the power to manipulate shadows and change my appearance every day, I made a deal with a Shadow Demon, Tagan, who offered me some magical power in exchange for a piece of my soul I accepted this offer after my father’s incident to better protect my family.

It has been 7 years since my father vanished, whilst travelling we were caught up in a battle between Dragonborn and orcs, as we made our way out my father was attacked on all sides by the foolish people and shouted at us to keep running. When we returned to search the dead, we found no traces of him, last week I received word from a friend that an elderly goliath wielding a great axe was seen wandering in the area where he went missing. Now that my siblings are older it is time to go see if it is him, I will find my father.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Xavierra Sipdon, I am 23 years old with brown hair and blonde highlights down to my chest. I am always in a black leather suit with a heavy blue cloak surrounding my shoulders. I lived in the Unwelcoming Tops a mountain range with dark blue stone at its base and as you climb the mountains it becomes a clear blue like the ocean, here in Sipdon Castle I grew up with white stone walls surrounded by the blue mountains, when part of the castle was damaged, we would repair it with the surrounding stone of the mountains. There was only one way in and out of this place and it was here we made our home.

My father is Tie Sipdon, his favourite hobby was to hunt the animals within the mountains and nearby countryside using his trusty bow and arrows every time. You would usually see him dressed in a body warmer, denim shorts, and orange flip flops often forgetting he was off into the mountains. He has short brown curly hair on top of his head that never fell below his eyes.

My mother is Iva Sipdon, you could hear her bright red heels coming down the corridors but seeing her, the first thing you’d notice was her black dress, red lipstick, tanned skin, and black hair that went all the way down to her hips. She was the opposite of my father, always ready for a banquet or to welcome visitors at any moment.

I have 5 siblings Tattum Sipdon 22, Coral Sipdon 20, Gracy Sipdon 15,

Ka Sipdon 12 and Logan Sipdon 6 my youngest Sister.

I have a pair of large black demon wings on my back I hide beneath my cloak, they don’t allow me to fly but I use them to glide down to the ground, they are also very tough allowing me to protect myself within them or another person. I also carry a special sword with me, Phoenix, this magical sword glows orange when danger is nearby.

I am looking for people who know of Hektor Havengazer so I can take revenge on him for what did to me and my family.


Who are you?

Hello, I am a copper Dragonborn, my name is Corrin

Stoutbridge, I am a cleric and use my power to help the people of my community by worshipping Phudea the goddess of day and night.

I grew up in a small home with my adopted halfling family

on Stoutbridge farm after they found me abandoned on their doorstep as a baby.

My father Uriver Stoutbridge is a simple farmer, he keeps our family fed and warm by working hard every day, you would always notice his ginger hair looking as if it had been dropped upon his rotund frame.

My mother Nedtina Stoutbridge is a cleric who worships

Phudea the goddess of day and night, I was taught everything about her including the wonders she can do, to show my faith I wear a necklace of Phudea that is a circle made of two pieces one shaped like the sun and the other a moon,

My stepbrother is called Idoton Stoutbridge he works with my father Uriver to tend to the crops and livestock.

I have a pet Pig named Gerald; he is my travelling

companion as I wander across the land searching for clues to who I am.