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Eastgate Academy EYFS Curriculum

Ellen Stratton and Kerensa Healy

At Eastgate Academy, we provide a stimulating environment that allows all pupils to fulfil their potential and to develop a sense of their own worth and respect for others. Producing lifelong learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.  In the EYFS, we understand children are powerful learners, reaching out into the world and making sense of their experiences with other people, objects and events. As they explore and learn, children are naturally drawn to play which is why play and engagement is at the heart of our EYFS curriculum.

We believe that the correct mix of adult directed and child initiated play ensures the best outcomes for pupils. Warm and positive relationships between staff and children; consistency and routine; and strong relationships with parents are all features of the day-to-day practice.  Our staff have high expectations for all children and work hard to ensure they develop the skills and knowledge to grow into respectful, independent, resilient and creative learners. Eastgate Academy recognises the crucial role that Early Year’s education has to play in providing firm foundations upon which the rest of a child’s education is successfully based.