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Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Eastgate Academy computing is a fundamental part of our curriculum as it is intertwined in all aspects of life. We feel that our pupils should be safe, competent and confident in its use. Through an engaging and carefully sequenced curriculum we provide all our pupils with the opportunity to experience digital literacy, computer science and information technology.


At Eastgate Academy we use a combination of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum and Purple Mash to ensure our pupils experience a practical, engaging, varied and progressive computing curriculum from reception through to year six.

In EYFS, Children experience a hands-on approach to technology during continuous provision, which includes the use of Mini Mash and Bee Bots. Thereafter, each year group begins with digital literacy units in the autumn term to ensure a consistent, progressive and whole school approach to online safety. The spring term exposes pupils to computer science through coding units before they move onto learning about information technology in the summer term, where they experience an array of units including, animations, spreadsheets, making music and word processing. Children in Key Stage 2, are also encouraged throughout the computing curriculum to develop their presentation skills in order to showcase their learning and teach others.

In addition to all pupils studying an online safety unit in the autumn term, they are exposed to its ever-present importance during the annual National Safer Internet Day that takes place in February. On this day, children take part in e-safety lessons based on the yearly theme as being online is an integral part of children and young people’s lives. In doing so, we can foster an open environment in which our pupils are encouraged to ask any questions and participate in an ongoing conversation about the benefits and dangers of the online world. E-safety forms a fundamental part of our school’s safeguarding and child protection measures.


After the implementation of this robust computing curriculum, the pupils of Eastgate Academy will be digitally literate and able to join the rest of the world on its digital platform. They will be equipped, not only with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and for their own benefit, but more importantly – safely. The biggest impact we want on our children is that they understand the consequences of using the internet and that they are also aware of how to keep themselves safe online.