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Teacher Training At eastgate academy

Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a teacher is a life choice, a vocation or as some say a calling.  Teaching becomes part of you and teachers have a real desire to make a difference and help others succeed.  Teaching leaves a lasting legacy because the pupils you teach today become the leaders, innovators and thinkers or tomorrow.

Why Choose Eastgate Academy to do your training?

 At Eastgate Academy we are committed to the academic, personal, social and emotional development of all of our pupils. We promote an engaging environment where successful and inspiring teaching and enthusiastic learning, tolerance and mutual respect towards others is valued above all else. 
Trainees at Eastgate Academy can look forward to a unique and enriching experience.  All staff at our Outstanding Academy refer to their colleagues as ‘family’.  You will find that staff are friendly, supportive, approachable and encouraging.
We firmly believe that there is no ‘silly’ questions and enjoy the opportunities to use our experience and ability to reflect in order to foster professional dialogue.  We also fully understand the personal and emotional stresses involved in teacher training, and you will find us more than willing to listen and offer support should you need to share.
In pursuit of excellence we will always endeavour to demonstrate best practice in order to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical developments of pupils in our school.  We also aim to prepare pupils in our school to be well-equipped to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of later life. 
All pupils will experience a broad and balanced curriculum, which supports, challenges and extends their self-discipline, motivation and self-esteem in order to achieve excellence in learning. In working closely with pupils, parents and the wider community we will encourage the children to develop into confident, successful, responsible, independent beings who have an appropriate sense of Citizenship. 

Apply for teacher training is a new GOV.UK service where you can apply for postgraduate teacher training.

The service is easy to use and gives clear guidance to help potential teachers make strong applications.