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A Testimonial to Eastgate Academy

This year has been challenging and yet, it has been one of the best years of my life. I have wanted to teach since I was about eight or nine. To finally have the opportunity to do so has been a dream come true. I have been incredibly lucky that I have been able to do it alongside some truly wonderful, caring, fantastic people. They work very hard but not just for themselves, but for each other. I felt this immediately when I entered the school. I had a hard placement to begin with before I entered Eastgate in January and over the Christmas time I considered giving up on my lifelong dream. Upon coming to Eastgate and becoming part of a team that made a difference to several lives every day, I realised that I need to stay and that I wanted to stay not only because I wanted to succeed myself, but because I wanted to help the school succeed.

As I come to the end of my time here, I look back at the people I have worked with and the things that I have done that I never imagined id be comfortable with. For example, I used to struggle with my literacy and my ability to read out loud. When I first started, I would stand at the front of the classroom with my hands in my pocket and read in a very monotone voice. Now I have completed a unit of over 20 lessons across six weeks about a book that has made me fall in love with reading. For this I cannot thank my mentor enough. She worked with me in a difficult part during my life and helped me to become the teacher I am today. If I had to go back and do it all again, I would. I will definitely keep in contact with several members of staff here as I feel like I have made real friends here rather than just work colleagues and this is what has made my experience truly special and I would not have changed it for the world.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone at Eastgate Academy!

Zak Robinson

Testimonial 2

I joined Eastgate as a trainee teacher in September 2021. I was fully aware that we were in the midst of a pandemic and that the year was not going to be a normal one. From the moment I came into Eastgate I was welcomed with friendly warm faces and made to feel part of the team instantly. I felt included in everything the school did and I was valued as a team member.

I found the inset days inspiring and realised straight away that I was in a very unique school. A school where children are at the forefront of everything, staff are appreciated and supported and everyone’s opinions are heard and considered.

During my training at Eastgate the support I had was incredible. Whether I was based there or at another placement the guidance and advice I received was invaluable. Nothing was too much trouble. I will leave Eastgate feeling inspired, motivated to be the best I can be and will always carry their values with me.

Roberta De Luca - Gilbert