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What am I going to learn in Art?

What am I going to learn in Art?

Spring term


 Reception - Colour 

The children will learn to recognise and name the primary colours and how to mix and name the secondary colours. 

 Year 1 - Sculpture 

The children will learn about key landmarks and the architect who designed them. They will learn how to observe the architecture and the features these buildings may have, such as pillars, arches, stained-glass windows, a tower and gargoyles. The children will end the unit by using this knowledge to design a penguin house based on the structure at London Zoo. 

Year 2 - Portraits and self-portrits

During the term, year 2 pupils will be studying artists who created portraits and self-portraits. They will be developing their understanding of how to draw facial features and to use colour to create shades of skin tones.

Year 3  and Year 3/4 -  Architecture 

The children will be learning about ancient architecture and studying the Parthenon. They will look at the different between sculptures designed “in the round” and “in relief”, and work towards designing their own. They will also learn about the architect Gaudi and his use of mosaics in the buildings he designs. 

Year 4  - Space 

The children will learn how artists create an illusion of 3 dimensional images in their art work. They will look at the work by Bruegel and how the use of the foreground, middle ground and background create depth in a piece of art. 

 Year 5 and Year 5/6- Islamic art and architecture 

The children will learn about art within the Islamic culture. They will learn about geometrical designs and create their own using inks. The children will study the Taj Mahal and identify any Islamic styles they have already learnt about. 

Year 6 - William Morris 

The children will be learning about the artist William Morris and the creation of his wallpaper designs. They will learn about the role William Morris played in the arts and crafts movement.