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What am I going to learn in EYFS?

What am I going to learn in EYFS?





Autumn 1 


Autumn 2 



Jackie Rutter


Main Text: Aaaarrggh Spider! By Lydia Monks 


Main Text:A Great Big Cuddle by Michael Rosen 


Kerensa Healy

Sounds Write Initial Code Sounds Write Initial Code


Ben Paull


Mastering Number Programme Term 1.  

Explore the composition of numbers within 5. Compare sets of objects and use the language of comparison. 

Power Maths  

2D & 2D shapes  (unit 3)  

Space (unit 6) 

Festivals and Celebrations 


Ellen Stratton

Raksha Bandhan 

Harvest festival Yom Kippur 

Diwali Christmas Advent 

The Nativity 


Bonfire Night 

Remembrance Day 

Black History Month 

Understanding The World (UTW)


UTW: People & Communities / The Natural World (Geography) 

Rob Hothersall 

All About Me 

Location of our school and the local area My route to school; what do I pass? Do I take transport? What do we like about our local area? What would we change? Community; this means the people who feature in our lives, our school is an important part of our community, friends, families, religious communities, people with shared interests e.g. hobbies. People who help us in our community; including but not limited to teachers, doctors and nurses, firefighters, police, shop workers, rubbish collectors. 

Transport: Past and Present 

Transport in our local area and contrasted with transport for long journeys- children’s experience of transport. Road Safety – how we travel safely. How people from different cultures travel; the tuk tuk in Bangkok, gondolas in Venice, Felucca in Egypt, Dog Sled in Norway. 


UTW: Past and Present (History)

Sarah Macmillan 

My past, present, future and that of others including characters from stories Families; when I was a baby, when my family members were young. Family Trees, diverse representations of family life. Developing sense of chronology; before I was born, before I came to school, which classroom will I be in next year? Our school year – what will we do this year in Reception?  George Stevenson; The invention of the Steam Train Transport in the past; horse and carriage, motor cars, penny farthing, omnibus, ferry, other locally relevant transport from history Modern transport including the Japanese Bullet Train, hovercraft, racing cars, airplanes and other examples of technologically advanced transport Ernest Shackleton the explorer; The South Pole, the challenges of his journey. 

UTW: The Natural World


Laura Warren 

The human body: Facial features, body parts, the senses Seasons of the year; Autumn. Deciduous and evergreen trees. Observing leaves using magnifying glasses, leaves changing colour.. 

Forces: push, pull, twist Air transport Water transport Seasons of the year: Winter. Animal hibernation, why do some animals hibernate? How do other animals survive winter? Transport in the winter; snow ploughs, gritting roads, snow tyres. Changing state of matter; frost and ice- looking closely at ice, what happens when it warms? Why can we see our breath when it is cold? 

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD): Art 

Samantha Blayney 

Colours, Colour recognition 

Christmas cards with thumb/ finger prints 

Mixing Colours, Colour sorting, Trust Easter egg Competition