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What am I going to learn in EYFS?

What am I going to learn in EYFS?





Spring 1


Spring 2



Jackie Rutter


Main Text: The Leopard's Drum by Jessica Souhami


Main Text: Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies


Kerensa Healy

Sounds Write Initial Code Sounds Write Initial Code


Ben Paull

NCETM Mastering Number 

Week 21-25

Count larger amounts and focus on strategies for counting

Subitising Focus on structured arrangements including the 10-frame

Composition Focus on representations of numbers using fingers and 10-frames

Composition Focus on doubles using different representations

Comparison Focus on ordinality: comparing numbers

NCETM Mastering Number 

Weeks 26-31

‘Seeing’ small quantities and numbers within larger quantities Introduction to the rekenrek Link familiar representations such as numbers of fingers to representations on the rekenrek

Counting Strategies for counting Recognise the pattern of the counting system when beginning to count beyond 20

Comparison Compare groups of objects that are of different sizes/colours/attributes Develop a sense of magnitude e.g., knowing that 8 is a lot more than 2, but that 4 is only a little bit more than 2

Pattern in number Investigate ‘parts’ and ‘wholes’ Explore the composition of numbers to 10 Investigate equivalence, doubles and making odd and even numbers

Deep understanding of numbers to 10 Continue to practically explore the composition of numbers to 10 Investigate 5 as a key ‘anchor’ in the number system Begin to generalise about 1 more/1 less within 10

Recall of number facts Recall the ‘numbers within’ 3, 4, 5 and 10 Recall double facts, up to ‘5 and 5 make 10’ Recall missing parts within 5

Festivals and Celebrations 


Ellen Stratton

Buddha Day

Eid ul Fitr


Eid Al Adha

Dharma Day 

Understanding The World (UTW)


UTW: People & Communities / The Natural World (Geography) 

Rob Hothersall 

Kings and Queens 

The Monarchy; Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle. Countries around the world that have Queen Elizabeth as their monarch including; Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and more. The Union Flag of The United Kingdom, flags from countries the children have connections to. 

Stories from the Past 

Locate the places that feature in the key stories chosen for this topic. Oral storytelling as part of culture; how we pass on stories within our families and communities. Ask an elderly relative to come in and tell the children a story. 


UTW: Past and Present (History)

Sarah Macmillan 

The Story of King John and the Magna Carta (Teachers to tell story based on historical events) Locally significant areas in the past e.g. a local historical building Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in Westminster Abbey.  Stories from Ancient Greece; Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods, Theseus and his battle with the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, Athena and Arachne, King Midas and the Golden Touch Stories from different cultures; Anansi the Spider from the Ashanti in West Africa. Aesop’s Fables The Legend of St George and the Dragon. 

UTW: The Natural World


Laura Warren 

Seasons of the Year: Summer.

Signs of summer; flowers, warmer days, light evenings, butterflies, bees, birds. Design a garden for the Queen; what could we grow? What would we include? Sketch some ideas and write about the design. 

Seasons of the Year: Summer.

How we stay safe in the sun; sunscreen, hats, sunglasses. Safety around water. Changing state of matter; Why do our ice lollies melt? 

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD): Art 

Samantha Blayney 

Kandinsky Van Gogh Sun Flowers