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What am I going to learn in Modern Foreign Language?


Summer Term

  • Lesson 1: Listen and respond to buenos dias, muy bien, gracias.
  • Lesson 2: Listen and join in with a song.
  • Lesson 3: Listen and respond to and say some Spanish numbers between 1 and 5
  • Lesson 4: Join in with and act out an authentic rhyme.
  • Lesson 5: Practise and remember days of weeks and actions.
  • Lesson 6: Sing and learn a happy birthday song.
  • Lesson 7: Listen and respond to some colours.
  • Lesson 8: Practise and sing the song about a rainbow.


Year 1

Summer Term

  • Lesson 1:  Remember and practice some colours
  • Lesson 2: Practise numbers 1-10
  • Lesson 3: Practise greetings and name phrase
  • Lesson 4: Explore words and phrases about the weather
  • Lesson 5: Join in with Itsy bitsy spider in Spanish
  • Lesson 6: Join in with a season’s song


Year 2

Summer Term

  • Lesson 1: Practise numbers 1-10
  • Lesson 2: Listen and respond to instructions
  • Lesson 3: Practise and perform an action poem
  • Lesson 4: Begin to learn the words to an authentic Spanish song
  • Lesson 5: Understand a simple story
  • Lesson 6: Retell a simple story

Year 3

The lessons in this year provide a chance for children who did not attend KS1 at Eastgate Academy to learn the basics while challenging those children who did.

Summer Term

  • Lesson 1: Understand and say fruit and vegetable nouns.
  • Lesson 2: Count fruits and vegetables
  • Lesson 3: Understand and enjoy a story about fruits and vegetables.
  • Lesson 4: Ask politely for a fruit or vegetable
  • Lesson 5: Name and label food items to take on a picnic
  • Lesson 6: Write phrases to build a picnic story
  • Lesson 7: Ask the question "where do you live" and understand the answer.


Year 4, 5 and 6

Spring Term

  • Lesson 1: Remember parts of the body and explain why I don’t feel well or what hurts.
  • Lesson 2: Role play dialogue at the doctors.
  • Lesson 3: Understand and name jungle animals.
  • Lesson 4: Write some sentences using a noun, a verb and adjectives to describe animals
  • Lesson 5: Write a jungle explorers’ story.
  • Lesson 6: Describe the weather in different seasons of the year.
  • Lesson 7: Talk about ice creams I love, like and dislike.