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What am I going to learn in PE?


Robins this half-term are learning dance. They are focusing on Bollywood dance, looking at its origin's and the main area's of the body used in this type of dance. Rhythm and speed of music is also taught and learnt so that the children are aware of the tempo and keeping in time with the music. This all focus on the children's gross motor skills and the fundamental ABC of physical education. 

Year 1 

 Puffins class are learning Bollywood dance this half-term. The children are particularly focusing on counting beats of the music and seeing if the can independently slot steps in to fit with a certain part of the music. Hip movement and wrist movement will be the main element of their dances so working on understanding their left and right also. 

Year 2 

Eagles class are working on creating their own Bollywood dance in small groups. The children will have a theory lesson to begin and help each other to answer questions they may want to know about the background of Bollywood for example where it began, when it began and who can take part. The children will then be given a catalogue of dance steps and the piece of music to work with. They will be working on synchronisation with each other, counting beats, mirroring and dance formation. 

Year 3 

Doves class are lucky enough to have a dance instructor in this half-term working on Hip Hop and House dance. Fluidity is key in this area of dance, so the children will also learn how to improvise and freestyle in certain areas of the dance. In small groups they will create independent dances focusing on 3 points, fluidity, freestyle and formation. Creative thinking will be encouraged for independence. 

Year 3 and 4

Kingfishers class are currently taking part in swimming lessons. Throughout the half-term there are many areas the children will cover. General water safety and confidence in the water is key. Once this is achieved the children will partake in different learning points such as learning different strokes, breathing technique, footwork and understanding which stroke is their preferred and why? 

Year 4 

Penguins class are currently learning about The Haka. They will begin with a computing lesson creating a fact file informing others of the history of The Haka. Over the coming weeks, children in two groups will create their own dances. They will pay careful attention to emotion and characteristics and understanding how to stay in character during their performance. The children will be engaging their creative minds to create their dance looking at areas such as rhythm, tempo, beats and counts. 

Year 5 

Canaries class are continuing the weekly outings working with students from the local college. Their area of focus is OAA (outdoor adventure activities). This includes covering areas such and team building, trust challenges, treasure hunts, map reading, plotting coordinates, blindfolded activities and problem-solving. 

Year 5 and 6 

Owls class are currently working on the same as Canaries class - focusing on OAA. During the half-term we will cover a number of things such as team building and trust challenges. They will also focus heavily on being able to create their own instructions for a number of tasks one being a treasure hunt. They will have to map out the correct areas and work out the correct steps needed to find the treasure. 

Year 6 

Magpies are creating their own sequences in gymnastics to a piece of music. Over the coming weeks they will work on creating a sequence that includes a number of different elements such as, rolls, shapes, balances, counterbalances, travelling, mirroring and cannon. As a class they will be assessing each other work and constructively criticising on how they could improve the end sequence.