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What am I going to learn in Science?

What am I going to learn in Science?

Year One

Summer 1: - Plants

In this unit, pupils will learn about the key parts of a plant including the roots, stem, leaves and flower. They will investigate how seeds germinate, using a fast-growing seed such as cress. They will find out the conditions that seeds are unlikely to grow in, such as in the darkness or without moisture.

Year Two

Summer 1 - Materials and Matter

This unit offers another opportunity to reinforce the names and uses of every day materials, developing the conceptual understanding that all materials are used for a purpose based on their properties.

Year Three

Summer 1 - Plants

. In this unit, pupils will look more closely at flowering plants, their features and the functions of their features. Pupils will learn that the scientific study of plants is called botany and that what we understand about plants comes from contributions from many botanists over the years.

Year Four

Summer 1 - States of Matter and The Water Cycle

In this unit, children will learn about the main parts of the Water Cycle including evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. They will learn about each part in detail before piecing them all together to complete the cycle. This approach will support their vocabulary development over time, focussing in on each scientific process before stepping back and seeing the cycle as a whole.


Year Five

Summer 1 - Astronomy

In this unit, children will study astronomy. They will learn that the word astronomy comes from the Greek word astron meaning ‘star’. Therefore, astronomy is the science that studies the laws of the stars and everything in universe beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. The substantive concepts of this unit are motion, force, energy, matter and space. In this unit, the children will learn about the evolution of the universe, gravity, the solar system, lunar phases and about galaxies.

Year Six

Summer 1 - Reproduction

This unit covers content which is additional to the National Curriculum. It builds on an understanding of how plants and animals reproduce from previous years, particularly from Year 5 Human Body and also Year 5 Living Things.